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Cushion covers

Cushion covers

size: 50cm x 50cm

price: ZAR 400.00 (approx. USD 23)

All cushions are hand painted and hand printed in 100% cotton fabric. Paint has been fixed so it is washable.

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  1. Deirdre Magee 06-Jun-2020

    Please could you tell me how much the cushion covers are please? I live in Ireland ,so how long for delivery?

    • houseofgaddi 29-Oct-2020 — Post Author

      Hi Deidre it all depends which ones you are looking at. We have most of them in stock but it is easy and quick to print and make. Looking forward to hear from you. Regards Mariette

  2. houseofgaddi 17-Jul-2020 — Post Author

    Hi Deirde
    Sincere apologies for not responding sooner. The message ended up in spam and wasn’t noticed until just now. Covers are R400 each. So less than £20 each. Plus postage, depending on weight.
    How long will it take? Will find out.

  3. Marie Edge 20-Sep-2020

    Totally in love with the cushion covers. I have seen a duvet cover with very similar design, do you sell them? If not do you know anyone that does? Will be purchasing a few of the covers very soon
    Thank you
    Marie x

    • houseofgaddi 29-Oct-2020 — Post Author

      Marie I hang my head in shame. A friend of mine did the website and I lost the log in details with the result that I never saw your post. I have located it in the meantime, so here I am. (I am not good with technology 🙂 No we do not do duvet covers as yet, as we are not set up for large pieces of fabric. We have been discussing it though. Looking forward to your order. Please use my e mail address so that I can be sure not to miss it. Keep well. Mariette.

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